Our Goals

The Board of Directors of the Denton Community Health Clinic work together to establish the an overall goal for each Fiscal year.  As always our mission is to provide quality health care regardless of an individuals ability to pay and these goals are designed to further the mission of the clinic.

2019 Goal

Our goal this year is to upgrade. Our computer software requires an update to be able to  serve more individuals.  Having a better electronic health record, the staff and volunteers will have more time to devote to patient care and be better able to track the progress each person makes. The practice needs to have counselors on staff.  The health and social services system is too complex.  Counselors helps these individuals learn life skills, learn to deal with stress and anxiety, learn how to handle conflict and how to be successful in the job market. In order to accomplish this we have established a goal of $110,000.

How can you help?

There are many different OPPORTUNITIES for you to INVEST in the clinic's delivery of quality care which helps individuals become healthy and get back to work.  From large to small you can support the Denton Community Health Clinic in a way that works in your budget.

Our Board

  • Sherry Adair

  • Sandy Anthony- Secretary

  • Valerie Armstrong

  • Garry Bales - Treasurer

  • Patricia Blakeney PhD

  • Ana Cleveland PhD

  • Juanita Dolph

  • Brenda Duran

  • Linda Ruhs

  • Gerard (Jerry) Vela- Chair