Community Heath Advocate

The Denton Community Health Clinic's Community Health Advocate program is an easy way you can help support the Denton Community with automatic monthly contributions.  This program works automatically so that you don't have to worry about it each month and provides the clinic with regular income to help support the daily activities of the clinic.  Together we can make a difference in the health of our community.

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$10 per Month

Did you know that individuals who get regular checkups are nearly 30% less likely to require a visit to the hospital, in comparison to those who don't regularly visit their primary care physician.  The Denton Community Health Clinic provides primary care visits to over 1,000 patients annually that live below the poverty level, yet we still have to turn away 500 people every year.  Your $10 monthly contribution will help us treat more people ensuring their health and preventing costly emergency room visits.

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$20 Per Month

Annual blood testing is the most important step that an adults can take in preventing a life threatening disease.  The Denton Community Health Clinic helps provide these tests at little to no costs for those living below the poverty level.  Together with our generous donors we have helped over 800 individuals since opening, however we have still have over 100 people a year that could use this vital service to their health.  Simple blood test can help these individuals stay healthy and get back to living a productive life.

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$40 per month

According to studies, recently unemployed Americans are four times more likely than those with jobs to have severe mental illness, including major depression.  Your monthly contribution can fully cover a session for an individual currently living below the poverty line to help them get back to being a productive member of your community.