Valerie Adair

Ms. Valarie Adair currently serves as a member on our board. She also serves as Treasurer for the PTA at Virginia Gallian Child Development Center. Ms. Adair is also a member of the National Association of School Psychology, the Dallas Fort Worth Regional Association of School Psychology, and the Psi Chi chapter.

Ms. Adair joined our board because by being a patient she was able to see what and amazing doctor we have. His ability to treat the whole patient to get to the root cause of an illness is a necessary, yet rare trait in the medical field. As a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology, Ms. Adair can see how important the Denton Community Health Clinic services are for the clients and community at large. In speaking with Neuro-psychologists and other physicians in the community, it was clear that these professionals understand the DCHC services are crucial. This community is growing by leaps and bounds, and it needs for someone to step in and help the helpless. That's what the Denton Community Health Clinic does. When she was asked to join the board, she was honored to be a part of growing this community and helping those most at need.

Ms. Sandy Anthony serves as our board’s Secretary. She is a member of the Kiowa Women’s Club and the Garden & Nature Group. Ms. Anthony is also a Leader for the Gourmet Group.

Ms. Anthony joined the board because she believes in our doctors and the clinic’s contribution to the community.

Sandy Anthony

Patricia Blakeney

Jason Bodor

Stacy Bzdork

Dr. Ana D. Cleveland PhD, AHIP, FMLA currently serves as a member on our board. She is also a member of the Medical Library Association, the American Medical Informatics Association, and Friends of the National Library of Medicine.

Dr. Cleveland joined our board because she is deeply commited to seeing that all residents of the Denton community have access to quality health care information and services.

Ana Cleveland

Juanita Dolph

Ms. Juanita Dolph serves as our board’s Treasurer.

She joined the board because she believes in the mission of the clinic and what we stand for.

Sandy Swan

Gerard Vela